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Businesses, Schools, Teams & Organizations

Choose from our pre-built templates or have us build a custom site.  

All GearUp Stores are are semi-cusomizable and allow you to choose your color scheme and add a couple additional products.  

Your store can run for a set period of time or can remain open for 12 months.

Gear Up Stores can be set-up as a fund-raiser for your organization!

Gear Up for EVENTS

Gear Up EVENTS Sample Store

This EVENTS Gear Up store features cotton items and allows up to two full-color printed logos of your choice and one embroidered logo.

Price:  $99    Sale: $79

Gear Up for TEAM

Gear Up TEAM Sample Store

This TEAM Gear Up store primarily features polyester items and allows up to two, 1-color printed logos or one, 2-color logo of your choice and one embroidered logo.

Price:  $99    Sale: $79

Gear Up for BUSINESS

Gear Up BUSINESS Sample Store

This BUSINESS Gear Up store features business items and allows one full-color printed logo of your choice and one embroidered logo.

Price:  $99    Sale: $79

Start your GearUp Store today!

Call the Logo Factory today at 630-553-0357 to open your Gear Up Store today!

Your store includes all logo product and logo set-ups including the actual store creation, hosting and unique, secure domain.

You can delete as many products as you like from your store and we will build 2 additional products of your choice for no additional charge.  Additional products additions are $10 each.

Custom Gear Up Stores can be built for $50 plus $10 for each custom item.

For stores that are open for 12 months, your store auto-renews for a like term if written cancellation is not given sixty days before renewal date.

Earn a 10-15% rebate on every order (deposited directly into your PayPal account).

Normal production time is aproximately two weeks.

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