Decoration Methods

Decoration Methods


Embroidered Logo Size

Logos look best if they are sized correctly on apparel.  We use this chart to size your logo correctly when setting it up for left chest embroidery.  Remember, the taller the logo the less-wide it can be.  Our standard widths for logos iare 2.75"W, 3.15"W, 3.5"W and 3.75"W.

When embroidering hats, the maximum height size is 2.25" tall.

Embroidery logo size

Monogramming Fonts

Choose from one of our popular fonts to monogram (embroider) names...


Our standard Block font is Castle (14mm recommended).

Our standard Script font is Script2 (14mm recommended).

If you are looking for something a bit more casual, you may select Blacklight (14mm recommended).

And for all you sports fans out there, Athletica may be calling your name (14mm recommended).

Embroidery Fonts
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