'Gear-Up! Stores' by Logo Factory

Logo Factory is Chicagoland's number one online store provider for schools and businesses alike. 

Online Stores

Gear-Up Stores come packed with features you will not find in any other online store provider:

1)  Stores can open 365 days (not 2-4 weeks like most other stores).

2)  We seasonally update your store with new, trending products and remove items that are not selling.  

3)  Our quality is top notch (we do all the work in-house... we're not a middle-man).

4)  Quick lead-time on orders (typically 2 weeks).

5)  Orders come professionally packed by individual order (not delivered in bulk). 

6)  Set-up your store to get a Free Gift with every order (school/team stores will include a school window decal with every order).

7)  You can set-up your store to earn a rebate on all orders placed, great for small business or fund-raising!

SAMPLE Gear-Up Store for EVENTS

Gear Up EVENTS Store


Gear Up TEAM Store


Gear Up BUSINESS Store

Simple marketing tips to help promote your Gear-Up Store

Marketing Tips for Your Gear-Up Store

Product Details

Call the Logo Factory today at 630-553-0357 to open your Gear-Up Store!

Gear-Up stores only cost $99 per year. 

Your store includes all logo product and logo set-ups including the actual store creation, hosting and unique, secure domain including SSL.

Choose up to 20 items from our online Online Catalog.  Additional items may be added for only $5 each.

Your store can include up to the following:  1 Embroidered logo.  1 one-color logo (for polyester items).  2 full-color logos for cotton items.

Your store can be renewed annually.  Stores with revenue over $1,000 annually with auto renue for no charge.

Corporate stores may choose to purchase gift certificates as incentives for associates or team members.

Once your store has reached $1,000 in sales you can earn a rebate of your choice from $1-$10 per item. 

Our in-house fulfillment center can ship anywhere in the US.

Normal production time is aproximately two weeks.

'Quick Gear' by Logo Factory

Looking to have your organization be able to order online...

Quick Gear by Logo Factory

Quick Gear enables organizations and small businesses to have online ordering abilities without setting up a full-blown Gear-Up Store. 

Logo Factory's innvoative Quick Gear program enables you to have your organization/company's logo uploaded to our website.  With a keyword, your associates can access your logo and apply it to over 200 of our best selling products.  There is only a one-time $49 set-up to get your logos formatted and uploaded to our site.  Its quick and easy for your associates to get their gear online at Logo Factory.

We will provide you with a png file that you can distribute to your associates to help promote your program.  It can easily be emailed or posted to yoru website.  It can also be posted to yoru social media sites for easy promotion.  Your png flyer will include a special code for your associates to take an additional 10% off their order.

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