Preferred Pricing Program (PPP)

Preferred Pricing Program earns you 10% off every order!

Easy to sign up, easy to qualify.  Save money on every order! 

Agree to order $5,000 or more from Logo Factory during the year and you will qualify to receive the best price on every order from Logo Factory.


1) This form must be filled out and submitted from the company decision maker, using the decision makers email address.

2) All purchases from Logo Factory count towards your $5,000.

3) Total annual purchases based on Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.  Freight not included.  If you join mid-year, the $5,000 will be prorated accordingly.

4) Failure to comply with Logo Factory's Terms and Conditions, will result in cancellation of this program.

5) Renewal is automatic for customers who achieve the $5,000 purchasing commitment.  Customers not reaching $5,000 will be removed from the program.


I would like to join Logo Factory's Preferred Pricing Program (PPP)

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