Dennis started Logo Factory in 2001 with one founding principle... "to treat the customer the way you want to be treated when you are the customer."  In 2007, when the economy went south, he invested in equiptment, bringing quality and lead-time in house.  That decision has made the Factory the One-Source provider of logo merchandise for well over 3,000 repeat customers.  Now with all the off-season moves, he is no longer a Bears fan!


Eric is our Production Manager.  He has 30 years experience in the printing industry.  His attention to detail and quality make the Factory second to none in quality printing.  He is also no longer a Bears fan!



Brock is a recent grad and football player at Aurora University.  He is our Graphic Designer and with his willingness to jump into any project, we gave him the title of "CDA" (Can Do Anything).  


Alex is our Digital Print Expert.  He is also a student and full time international Judo athlete on the USA National Team.


Kelly is the Mom of a toddler that keeps her very busy indeed.  Kelly spends all her free time at the Factory, embroidering shirts, printing mugs or helping out with just with anything that needs to get made.


Mindy is our Customer Service Coordinator and is the front line of the operation.  If you are planning on making shirts, you'll probably talk to Mindy:)


Kelly is our Embroidery Room Master.  Paying attention to detail is her thing and it shows with the quality of every embroidered shirt that leaves the Factory.


Andy is our Bean Counter.  When there are shirts to be printed, Andy is nowhere to be found... But if there are beans to be counted, he is on it like no one else.


Murphy is our Official Greeter.  Occasionally you may even see him helpping out in the back by gathering merchandise for production.

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