Do you have a small business and create your own apparel products?  Logo Factory can help. 

1) We offer no-weed transfers for you to heat press your own blanks quickly and easily.

2) You can even purchase apparel at wholesale pricing.

3) Logo Factory does contract printing and embroidery.


DIY Heat Transfers

Full Color heat transfers are available for purchase to any DIY hamebased business.  Our transfers can be applied to most apparel items easily using a standard heat press with no weeding.

Order as few as one 16X24" sheet of transfers.

Place as many logos as you can per 16X24" sheet.

Volume discounts available.

Buy Blank Apparel Wholesale

Looking for an apparel supplier... look no further.  Logo Factoryu can supply your blank apparel needs.

Your order will arrive in 1-2 days. Local companies can pick up their order right at the Factory.

Contract Printing

Contract printing available to any customer who has a valid Resale Certificate.  

Dropship or delivery of your goods from your supplier direct to our Factory. 

We will print in 5-7 days once your goods arrive.

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